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  1. The Legacy of Shatara

The Legacy of Shatara

The Aramzin were never heard from again. A thousand years later, Covan Korish, a warrior of savage renown, fights a personal war of vengeance against foreign invaders in the town of Shatara. But just when Shatara is overwhelmed by the enemy, Covan is sent away on a mission that will bring him face to face with the Necromancer's successor.

Drawn into a conflict he wants nothing to do with, Covan discovers the truth about the Aramzin and his connection to their powerful, elemental magic. To save his people from the Necromancer's return, he will have to choose between his vengeance and everything he loves.

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Shatara has received 8 patents to date. Shatara received the Delphi fellowship to pursue a doctorate degree from Bundeswehr University in Munich, Germany.