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Before I started Yesware, I was vice president of sales at a very cool voice over Internet protocol company, but we had lots of competition. Knowing it in detail and having some genuine passion for it was a big part of how we communicated—and stood out. When a question comes up about your product, proposal, payment terms, or absolutely anything else, you need to have the best answer.

Your response must address all the outstanding issues in clear, tight, direct prose, and it must be delivered within 24 hours of the question being asked. Organizing yourself and your team to deliver on this schedule will definitely make you stand out from your competition. When you reach out to your prospect, be useful. Every single time you communicate with your prospect, you make an impression.

Here’s How Your Business Can Finally Sell Stuff To Big Name Companies.

Send a related link, a congratulations about a recent accomplishment, even a cartoon that made you think of your contact. Continually conveying that you help busy lives will set you apart from other salespeople they have to deal with. If you work in a startup, you might wonder why large organizations don't just trust their people to make smart purchasing decisions. If an employee needs a new technology, why wouldn't the company just let him do the right thing? There are many reasons.

Selling to Big Companies by Jill Konrath

As a result of these and other factors, large companies employ complex processes to ensure that major purchases make sense. These processes generally span many different organizations and stakeholders. It is not unusual for a purchasing decision to include people from many different IT departments e. Finance, IT, Legal. The decision often involves technical decision makers, economic decision makers, and risk management decision makers.

Often these processes are so complex that almost nobody inside the company knows how they work. Excellent enterprise sales reps will guide a company through their own purchasing processes. Without an enterprise sales rep, many companies literally do not know how to buy new technology products. A top notch enterprise sales person not only knows her customer's process better than the customer, but will be skilled at characterizing the value of her product to each decision maker independently. This will involve product demonstrations, proof of concepts, complete return on investment analysis and even competitive positioning.

The sales rep will work with the various constituents to help characterize the value proposition their management teams. One thing that all large businesses have in common is that they have purchased a huge amount of technology over time. In fact, many of these technologies enabled the companies to become big in the first place. Naturally, the technology deployed in an enterprise varies widely in age. Some of the systems are outdated, complex, and downright arcane. Nonetheless, once deployed, enterprises develop great affection for the technology that runs their companies.

They may complain about it, but like an old woman speaking of her spouse, the underlying love is far stronger than the criticism. And big companies expect you to love their old products too—by integrating with them. But how do you figure out which old systems you need to integrate with and which ones you can afford to ignore? Like most things in the enterprise, it's complicated. Great enterprise sales forces sort through the myriad of existing systems and help guide their companies to find the essential few.

If you work in the technology industry and particularly in Silicon Valley, you become used to employees who work tirelessly to improve their companies. It is not difficult to imagine one of these employees independently finding a new technology then championing it inside of her company simply because she wants her company to become great.

Top Authors

Outside of technology and especially in very large companies, people generally don't do things like that. Most large company employees like to stay within the scope of their defined job. Good book. It focuses on the first part of the sales cycle - from prioritizing prospects to running a first meeting.

Very practical and down-to-earth, solid advice throughout. Even a seasoned sales professional will most likely pick up a few tips. The only downside is that the book is quite repetitive and slightly dated in the online tools department by now. Feb 05, John Scargall rated it it was amazing.

Great book on making inroads and how to think about and sell to mammoth companies. Oct 13, Phillip rated it it was amazing. Outstanding book. Not a bunch of platitudes, it is a practical step-by-step guide. Highly recommended. Jul 11, Zaid rated it liked it Shelves: business.

Great eye-opening and memory refreshing book for senior sales executives. The structure of the book was so logical and smooth, takes you from your hand from the first confusing moment on what to do first until you finally ha Great eye-opening and memory refreshing book for senior sales executives.

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The structure of the book was so logical and smooth, takes you from your hand from the first confusing moment on what to do first until you finally have your first executive visit. The book ends at that point, so there is no full sales cycle details, but for that stage you can check other books. I think Jill strong focus on pre-engagement cycle is well-done job.

5 Sales Strategies to Sell to Huge, Massive, Really Large Companies

Check out the Table of Contents before buying. May 14, Jessie rated it really liked it Shelves: miscellaneous. Required reading for the CRM meeting this year. Not bad, had a lot of good tips for being a better salesperson, but I kept coming back to one significant discrepancy for my use: I don't have personal control over my product. I felt like most of her tips were far easier to implement when you're pitching your own services or product. I guess I'll learn how I'm supposed to apply the skills tomorrow!

Nov 08, Amy rated it really liked it.

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Excellent book for the new and more senior marketeer. New insights on selling and approaching a customer. View 1 comment. Jul 05, Alex De La Fuente rated it really liked it. Very good book but repetitive the message is pretty simple. To many instructions and not to practical to apply if you follow through exactly as the book says.

Honestly I skimmed through a lot of things and read just the essentials. Jun 27, Linda Darby rated it really liked it. Jul 30, Eliot Burdett rated it really liked it. A lot to like in this book about the mindset required for selling to large enterprise. Covers targeting, language, scripts, networking and campaigns.

Selling to Big Companies

Jan 27, Gianni rated it really liked it. Great book to start in your first sales career. Aug 03, Jos rated it liked it Shelves: business-book.

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This book gives really good advice, however what I didn't like is that is repetitive in every chapter. This book could be shorter with the same essence. May 03, Jacob rated it it was ok. Good for what it is. I can't say it is exciting, but it is concise and to the point with a solid elucidation of some important concepts.

Jul 12, Graham Mumm rated it liked it. Useful but nothing you won't hear from every other BD blog in existence. Jun 25, Wendy Mallon rated it really liked it Shelves: read , professional-interests. Relevant, straight forward, easy to understand methods. Now for the action part Will definitely read other books that she has written. Jun 23, Mark Fallon rated it really liked it. Excellent resource, especially for people from smaller companies. Jun 07, Melumebelle rated it liked it Shelves: nonfiction.