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Job of the Week. Priest in Charge. Team Rector. Find more jobs. Top Feature. Top Comment. Most Popular Past Week. The tyranny of the perfect wedding.

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Poor dioceses find shift to new funding traumatic, report says. We had planned for everything. But not for candles and prayers. Malvern Hills organ — played by Elgar — ruined by vandals.

Practical Ministry Training: Leadership & Creative Courses

Any student of religious language would benefit enormously from this chapter, and indeed, from the insightful exposition of Wittgenstein. Anyone bothering to read, study, and discuss Jeff Astley's latest book would be amply rewarded and ably instructed' New Blackfriars. At both degree level and A-level, courses in theology and religion are increasingly 'problem based' and form part of modular programmes of study.

In this context, many textbooks and anthologies of readings are too general to be of more than limited value, and teachers and students often find it difficult to access relevant primary material for the different topics they select for in-depth study. The rationale of this series is to provide, inside the covers of one volume, carefully selected readings together with introductory overviews and bibliographies that have been designed to meet this need.

SCM Studyguide by Peter K. Stevenson | Waterstones

A particular advantage of this format is that a teacher or student can use the material selectively, constructing their own educational pathways through the literature. Unlike many similar readers there does not seem to be a particular ideological slant.

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All in all these books are to be highly recommended to those embarking on the study of theology' Modern Believing. The series 'contributes to the revival of theology as an exciting option for undergraduates' Church Times. Creation: A Reader is 'a selection of primary readings that reflect the breadth of theological conviction on. It 'is a great book for teachers and students who wish to look at current issues concerning the theology of creation' Ashland Theological Journal.

Evil: A Reader is 'a very useful collection, judiciously selected and more comprehensive in its coverage than others in the same field' Professor John Hick.

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War and Peace: A Reader is 'an outstanding resource for students and teachers of religion and Christian theology' Professor John Franke. God in Action: A Reader 'occupies a worthy place in a comprehensive series. Each chapter is excellent and varied according to intellectual taste and practical usefulness. Throughout the book the editors have been punctilious in presenting different views and have been careful not to give "answers".

There is first-rate material here for ecumenical study' The Expository Times. This volume will be an essential part of any booklist in a course on science and religion.

Focusing on specific doctrines and themes, the book includes selected primary readings that track the development of the doctrine of Jesus Christ, including the important questions and debates surrounding it. Selections consider both the person and the work of Christ. Topics include the development of classic Christology from its biblical roots through patristic debates, responses to the modern distinction between the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith, the understanding of incarnation as kenosis, and the critical and constructive developments of liberation and feminist theologies.

The book includes a full bibliography, and each chapter includes topics for further discussion.

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The pack comprises: Teacher's Notes, nineteen photocopiable worksheets and ten copies of the Student's Booklet. The readings highlight the diversity of Christian thought, and they range from ancient to modern, from Eastern to Western, and from conservative to liberal. Emphasis has been given to writings that were especially influential or are representative of a key perspective.

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  6. They also expect someone who has the necessary range of communication skills to put the message across in an accessible way. Such a range of expectations presents daunting challenges to the most experienced preacher.

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    Including practical exercises which could be used by individuals or by groups, this book is suitable for introductory courses in preaching or for modules which consider preaching within an overall focus upon leading public worship. A Journey into Three Worlds.

    Looking for Trouble. Preaching in Context. A Recipe for Preaching. Creating a Sequence. Telling a Story.