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  2. Becky Higgins - My Testimony of Jesus Christ
  3. 1. But First, Pray

After all, it was written by me and accounts for my experience, which made it a lot easier to express honestly and with emotion. The most nerve-wracking part — unexpectedly — were the questions. While a question was being asked, my mind would immediately revert to crime shows where a well-meaning witness was skillfully trapped into ruining everything for the good guys. This hearing accomplished a first step, that of putting on the record various testimonies about the positive effects of the small claims bill and what our Coalition has already done to meet the demands of opponents. That is what we set out to do, and from what I have heard, we succeeded.

It definitely felt good. But this step is one of many; once the new Congress is seated, we begin again.

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  • Becky Higgins - My Testimony of Jesus Christ.
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We must push the bill to the markup stage, where, as a bill, it is put before House Judiciary Committee for a vote and then, if affirmed, moved to the full House for a final vote. The path ahead is long and difficult and we must walk it to the very end before we run out of funds. We have made it through Gate 1 and I dearly hope we can reach the finish line. This bill is without question a group effort. There are many people putting A LOT more work into this than I ever could, and they deserve to be appreciated, acknowledged and supported by all of us.

The best way to do that is to inform yourself see below and watch for calls to action. This is a group effort on a bipartisan-sponsored bill. It is a shining example of working together in a divisive and testy political environment. Find and follow these people who lead your fight. They are our Captains and they need us all, photographers and visual creators of every niche and caliber and location, to march as an Army behind them. The founders of America believed that retaining control of the use of their work was so fundamental to the health of creators that they wrote it into the Constitution — Article One, Section Eight, Clause Eight.

That right is still afforded us, but without a remedy, it is not truly a right at all. After it is all said and done, this bill will likely not be perfect and we will have to make some compromises. And yet, if The CASE Act is passed it will be a huge step toward providing us all with a realistic, streamlined and affordable remedy to defend our rights. If you have any questions about the bill, my experience or what you can do to help, please feel free to reach out to me anytime at jenna buckthecubicle.

She is currently the Director of Photography at Buck the Cubicle and specializes in still and motion stories for trailblazing humans and purpose-driven brands. Browse articles by author. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He loves each of us no matter what. I am certain that, as impossible as it seems, the Savior of the world knows each of us individually and chose to pay the ultimate price and die for each of us just as well, so that we may be eternally blessed.

Key State Witness Against Netanyahu: 'My Testimony Is Pure Truth'

I come up short all the time. Every single day I make more mistakes than I can count.

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And yet — because of Him — I can repent again and again. I can keep trying without losing hope. There is never, ever a reason to lose hope. Because of Him and because He lives. This short video says it all, really. This is what I know for sure: Jesus wants to be a part of our life. Our part is to seek for Him, invite Him to be a central part of our life, and look to Him in all that we do. Not because we have a chance at being perfect in this life.

But through Him and because of Him, we can change. We can progress. We can let go of anger and sorrow and grief and hurt. We can forgive. We must forgive if we want to be forgiven. We can be challenged to the core and experience the deepest trials, and yet still feel joy. He lives! With all of my heart, I know that Jesus Christ lives. I have gained a testimony of the Savior through my own seeking, my own study of the scriptures, my own desire to know, and through personal prayer.

For me, part of cultivating a good life is acknowledging my Savior as the ultimate source of peace and comfort. I am nothing without Him.

And yet, as I continue to look to Him as the ultimate perfect example, my potential — and your potential — is far greater than we realize. Whatever your beliefs… whatever your testimony… I encourage you to write it down. Share it with your family. Keep that record safe so that generations from now, your posterity may know what you stood for. Beautiful post!!!! Just explored your site…. I completely got out of the practice of documenting life!

My Testimony (jail, depression, and God’s perfect provision)

I am beyond thankful for my relationship with Christ, and for the family He has blessed me with! Love your Project Life stuff…. Happy Easter….

Becky Higgins - My Testimony of Jesus Christ

God Bless!! Beautiful post, Becky…and brave, I would say, to share your personal beliefs so openly yet so intimately. Wonderful post and oh so true for me as well. After my son collected all of his chocolate this morning I had a talk with him about Easter. I want him to know that even though the treats are fun to hunt for that Easter is really about Jesus and his sacrifice.

May God always bless you and your family, Happy Easter!

1. But First, Pray

Oh and I was so blessed to see how all the malls by me were closed yesterday! So thankful that those employees could enjoy the day of the Saviour! Such a beautiful video!