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Although Lara is very private about her personal life, Tissy can't help but wonder what is going on that Lara doesn't want to share with her friends. As their friendship strengthens, Lara becomes more comfortable with Tissy and eventually entrusts her with a secret she has never revealed before. As certain events unfold, Tissy's mother also feels it? But who was the tall, dark firefighter she spotted at a tragic fire and why did his haunting, blue eyes invade her nightmares.


She was still reeling from a lost love and would rather be alone than risk having her heart broken again. Nicholas Cunningham had just found out the love of his life was a married woman. In an effort to put the disastrous relationship behind him, he jumped at the chance to get away from Richmond and head out to the quaint, Colonial town for a few weeks to update the local firefighters on the latest firefighting techniques. She must escape marriage to Edward Haverton, a man she detests.

She must escape her grandparents, the Creighton's who have convinced her that she will become like her mother, and one day go insane, killing anyone she dare love. Because of the fear of harming anyone, Emilia vows never to love! She finds her escape in the form of Captain Barclay D.


Lancaster, whose ship is sailing to America. Stowing away is only the beginning of her adventurous journey that ends in the arms of the man who eventually wins her heart. Grol, and illustrated with the author's own scissorcraft. Determined never to forget her home community of Moodiesburn, near Glasgow, she starts visiting all her favourite places including Ballayn Castle with its hand in the stone. Before she is fully aware of what is happening, she and her cousin Davey are drawn back in time to when Ballayn is being enlarged, political intrigue is rife, and a terrible murder is about to be committed.

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Unable to return to , Shona and Davey find themselves caught in the past. Will they make it back to the present in time for Shona to go to Canada? Or will they be trapped forever beneath the hand in the stone? Hughie and Bow have awakened from their winter hibernation and now must start their search for their missing friend, Ruefus. They get into all kinds of hilarious situations during their search. This will be the last summer Hughie and Bow will spend together.

Next year Hughie will travel alone while Bow will have her own little cub to look after and teach the ways of the woods. If she can't find one she will dream one up and make sure that her little sister, Lizanne and friends Sarah and Badger Baker are included. A few years earlier, the kids had discovered a secret cove near their hometown of Luna Beach, California.

One day they meet two strangers, Kat and Splitter. Splitter wants to have a bonfire up at Luna Park. Jazz knows that's a bad idea. Later that night the kids hear a loud explosion from the park.

The One the complete Emma Holden suspense mystery trilogy

Who started the blaze? What clue does Jazz find near the charred shed in the park that makes her think she knows who started the fire? At the end of their adventure, there are some special surprises waiting for the kids in their cove one moonlit night. The change is addressed in this novel. The Western Mafia is a coalition of several Families and is identified as having moved into legitimate gambling and entrepreneurships, including professional.

The Eastern Mafia coalition operates on the old values of Omerta and organized secrecy? Listening to stories of Mafia activities by Eastern and Western Families, he sensed this was a different story. Many books have been written about the Mafia genre.

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Instead of violence and conflicting Families, he heard about deals in cattle, property, gaming and oil, the same as any legitimate business man. Then, he heard from a casino executive about his interest in the huge reserves of oil under the desert of a country called Turkmenistan.

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Upon further research, it was evident the author had the makings of a story with two Mafia groups, the Eastern and Western Families? When that hamlet was located high in the Pyrenees Mountains in the tiny European Co-principality of Andorra -- known only to stamp collectors and a few geography teachers -- it wasn't easy finding enough customers to pay the heating bills. Join the author in this hilarious romp down memory lane. Paulette B. On the other it is a light illuminating the hidden darkness in our classrooms and forcing us to see that drug use is a widespread blight on this country's educational system.

Naive parents must wake up. Jaded educators must take courage. Only united can we prevail against a problem that does not discriminate by race, religion or family tree. The teens in this book are pitiful but the pity the author creates is more the life they lead than the people themselves. It's not their fault, according to the writer, but the fault of the environment and people who were suppose to be in charge. She is swept along by the numerous and exciting every day pleasures and trials of living in a small town as compared to city life.

During this time Laura discovers secrets of her past which seem to be tied to the mystery of the old log house. A young Indian boy becomes her friend and together they uncover a link in their past and a harmony in the days that follow. They explore and discover the love they share for animals and an interest in the ecology of the land. Each chapter leads the reader towards the ultimate conclusion and the solving of the mystery of Butternut House.

Having spent thirty-five years in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada, he became familiar with the settings and people of that unique state to write this book. Professor Florio Treponte is told he has inherited his deceased Mafia uncle's Empire. Jolted, he refuses to believe the executives who bring the news to him. Despite his protestations, he is advised "it's an offer he can not refuse". His uncle, Don Quattro has had him under protective surveillance for the past two years.

He must now move to his uncle's Villa on the edge of Las Vegas.

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Attacked at the Villa; dodging assassins; avoiding arrest on false charges of murder, Florio flees to the mountains with his aide Huicksi, a Hopi, who protects him. Florio undergoes a painful epiphany. A change occurs in his perceptions and character while grappling with the challenges and obstacles he's faced. He skillfully masterminds and puts into motion events crushing the Families who have sought his demise. He emerges from being an idealistic professor to a tough, decisive, Draconian, but compassionate Godfather who earns the "respect" of all other Mafia Families.

Danny helps his father empty the chemical toilets, so he is nicknamed Stinky. He is poor but plucky and dares set his sights on the beautiful Melora, who is very much a lady. Her father Donald is publisher of The Breeze. Her mother Elizabeth is a snob who disapproves of Danny. A running battle ensues. Danny is our hero--he likes to get even. The townspeople, who play a significant part in his struggle, love him.

You will love him too.