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Am I really a Slave to My Bank/Lender?
  1. What is bonded labour?
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  5. The Student Loans Scheme: a Gateway Drug to Debt Slavery

According to slavery expert Siddharth Kara, modern slave traders now earn up to 30 times more than their 18th and 19th century counterparts would have done.

What is bonded labour?

Human trafficking is just one way of enslaving someone. Trafficking involves the recruitment, transfer or obtaining of an individual through coercion, abduction, fraud or force to exploit them. That exploitation can range from forced labour to forced marriage or commercial sex work — and the exploiter can be anyone, including strangers, neighbours or family members. Most people are trafficked within their own countries , although they can also be trafficked abroad; most often the individual is trafficked into forced labour.

Guardian investigations have revealed a slew of abuses from Qatar to Thailand, India to the United States. Qatar was forced to take action after revelations of abusive practices foisted on migrant workers helping build its infrastructure for the World Cup. Trafficking on to fishing boats is still widespread , particularly in south-east and east Asia, where men are lured by the promise of jobs in agriculture or construction, then drugged or beaten and wake up at sea.

There is no definitive answer to this question. Modern slavery affects people of every colour, age and gender — but is more prevalent among vulnerable people. That might be a Cambodian villager looking for a better paid job in a neighbouring country, only to find himself trafficked on to a fishing boat.

Or a homeless person kidnapped from a London soup kitchen and forced to work on a caravan site. Slavery is global but flourishes in places where the rule of law is weak and corruption goes unchecked, says Anti-Slavery International.

About the Author

Activists such as Kara believe that slavery can be eradicated for good , but that it would take great political will and considerable research. If we were all responsible as you advocate, rather than ushering a new age of fiscal responsibility as I would expect that has been lacking in every administration for the past half century, it would destroy the American economy completely. It is amazing how our government policies right now are promoting spending and punishing savers. The banks are benefiting from low interest rates, but savers are not being helped at all.

A lot of people who have done the right thing by saving, saving, saving have been frustrated by the damage being done to their nest egg by low interest. On another note, one of the best things my husband and I ever bought was a DVR. What I discovered instead is a rewards checking account in my area that some banks are going to that is currently yielding 4.

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But there are a few rules that you have to follow in order to get the 4. My bank requirements that you make 12 debit transactions per month, have one electronic payment or deposit per month, and receive e-bank statements.

Are You Tired Of Being a Slave to Debt? - Dave Ramsey Rant

This rewards checking account is not with every bank so you might want to Google it to see if there are any banks in your area that offers this type of rewards checking account. So you might ask what did I do with the money that was in my savings account that I cancelled? I put it in my rewards checking account to take advantage of the monthly compounding and 4. If this rewards checking account interest you then Good Luck in trying to find one in your area and I hope you do find one.

My wife and I had our wake up moment last November. My appendix ruptured, I was in the hospital for 7 days. I ended up getting laid off from my job this past Feb. It was a blessing. I am now in a new career in which I love and it has taught me to also create a side hustle. While reading frugal dad in an earlier post he talked about creating a separate stream of income and the side hustle, boy do I wish I would have started it sooner. But a lesson my wife and I learned.

Francesco, sorry to hear about your health scare.

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That is certainly a wake up call! And then to lose your job coming out of that…tough. I agree—very inspiring. I was feeling discouraged once again at how easy it is to use those cards. And we are—but progress is very slow sometimes. This was a good kick in the butt to keep going…thanks! The economic downtown has really opened up my eyes to the importance of getting and staying out of debt our only debt is our home and a rental property , reducing expenses, and starting side hustles.

Great article! I have to agree that the norm is to finance everything.

I fell into that trap when we bought a new house and had to landscape the yard. Must be an Eastern European thing. We see this problem in Romania too. I could understand a mortgage or a car loan, in the end these are big things one needs to save a lot to afford.

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But getting credit for everything is a huge mistake. I am currently paying for my car. Still have 17 months. If I cannot afford it, then I need to save some more and then purchase the thing. Hi FD, I have been thru this cycle too many times to count! This time it is for real though. I have had it with a corporate job, and poor hubby is one day away from just losing it at work.

And have the freedom to do so. I am determined this time hear foot stomping on the ground, see hands on hips! Well written. This is almost exactly what I would have said if I were a few more months into my goal to achieve financial freedom. I did however just reach a major milestone of paying off my largest of 3 debts left over from a previous business.

The Student Loans Scheme: a Gateway Drug to Debt Slavery

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