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This in turn led to the emergence of Napoleon, who restored order but became a military brute, trampling on the liberty he had professed to love. Or to take another example, the European Enlightenment had stressed the importance of Reason, but it had in many parts been sterile and reductive. The movement known as Romanticism had then swept in to assert the importance of Emotion but this had carried excesses of its own.

Only eventually had a correct reconciliation been worked out between the legitimate, competing needs of Reason and Emotion. He is on hand to reassure us that we are merely seeing the pendulum swing back for a time.

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Yet he also wisely counselled that this was needed because the initial move forward had been blind to a range of crucial insights. Hegel reminds us that big overreactions are eminently compatible with events broadly moving forward in the right direction. He had an unusually long beard, wrote….

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I love how transparent Kristian was and he shared his feelings about the pain of having to battle cancer. He was very expressive and he described the terrible symptoms he dealt with each and every day. Kristian's love story about loving his wife and sons was evident throughout the book, and it made me want to be the kind of brave and courageous man, husband, and father that he was. I'm not even married yet and I don't have kids yet but it presented me with an example of an extraordinary man to look up to. In reading his book, I felt the love he had for his beautiful wife and his handsome two boys and he tried to cherish them with each passing moment.

I liked how Rachel was candid about how she felt when she saw the person that she loved struggling and in extreme agony. She was very genuine about describing her dreams to have more children and how she begged him to try to get her pregnant before he underwent chemo. He refused to try because he feared if something happened to him he didn't want her to have to take care of three children alone.

I liked how the book showed how it affected her through his sickness and that she had a difficult time too. If you're looking for an inspiration book that will give you hope even when we don't understand, why pain and sickness must exist, then this book will impact you and point you to the light and hope of Jesus Christ! I cried I was smiling and overjoyed at Kristian's faith and that he held onto his faith right until the end. I loved that it had the perspective from both Kristian and Rachel, the honesty was refreshing.

It is probably the first time that I have ever got a real sense of the real battle that chemotherapy and radiation has on the body and mind. If you want to see real life courage, faith and determination then this is a must read. Jul 10, Angie rated it really liked it. A great read, I just had to skip all the God bits. Kristin was a deep believer in God and that both supported him and gave him the strength to keep on with his treatment.

As well as God by his side, he fought his biggest war as he called it for his beautiful wife and two boys. A truly inspirational man who campaigned for the use of certain cancer drugs for all Australians. Jun 15, Angela Covarrubias rated it really liked it. Rachel has added her thoughts throughout the book and at the end of each chapter.

He ended up going to the hospital to get it checked out and found out that he had cancer in his liver and Days Like These: Even in the Darkest Moments, Light Can Shine Through, is a book put together by Rachel Anderson.

Days Like These

He ended up going to the hospital to get it checked out and found out that he had cancer in his liver and in his bowel. Can you imagine going from thinking that your life is going great, and a few minutes later it is falling apart? Throughout the book Kristian talks about his faith in God. This book was a little hard for me to read, emotionally. It took a month or so for me to finish it, and it had nothing to do with the writing, grammar, etc.

The content is what got me! Throughout the book Kristian never gave up his fight to the cancer.

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His family and him had many friends and supporters along the way, and they are named in the book. It seems to me his biggest comfort in his illness was his Faith. Without faith in our Heavenly Father what would we have? In the end Kristian lost his battle with cancer. There is an exchange toward the end of the book between Kristian and his sons that really got me.

He was telling him that sometimes people have to go away and they never can come back, like if you are really sick. I am still blessed that I have my mother and father. Kristian and Rachel are a great inspiration! I had never heard of either of them before reading this book. I have since went to his website and read blog post by his wife about how she and the children are doing. I will not forget their story.

Days Like These (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Aug 02, Peggy rated it liked it. And wrenching, especially since you know how it's all going to end. I got this book from the library after seeing the "birthday video" on youtube. This handsome young Australian dude presenting a loving message to his wife. Then I learned he had cancer. Then I learned he'd been on Oprah. I was curious. This book chronicles Kristian Anderson's journey from diagnosis to death, with a few pictures and inserted comments from his wife, Rachel. But it's not a sob story. It's a story of Inspiring. It's a story of strength and courage and faith, and how one person can inspire others.

When my own sister battled cancer in , she told me that in a weird way she was almost grateful for the struggle, because it brought her so much insight. That's what Kristian says as well. I'm being shaped, regardless.

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Here, Kristian shows us what it's like to be the one who leaves as he realizes how it will impact his two young sons, Cody and Jakob. Kristian came to believe that he was an instrument, that his cancer wasn't a punishment but held a message of faith and hope for others, ie: Dorsa pg. Kristian writes, "Love is a verb, a doing word Find someone who needs a hand.

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We all do. You did not just "stumble" onto Kristian's blog His very existence here on earth was, we believe, to bring you to a place where you need to question what it is you put your faith in, what it is that you hold important. This book is a reminder that life is short. You better make the most of it and make sure you tell the people that you love how much they mean to you. Even "problems" that trip you up might bring you the gift of greater insight. Apr 02, Juanita rated it it was amazing.

This is a totally remarkable book. I found myself not being able to tear myself away from its pages. It is a journey of a man who believes in the power of God and tells of his struggle with cancer. As you take this journey with Kristian you are a witness to his good days and his bad days.

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You see his unwavering faith in the one and only true God. It fills the heart, mind, and spirit with so much encouragement. The pages are filled with strength building scripture. It is amazing of all the This is a totally remarkable book. It is amazing of all the treasures this book holds. I think what is in these pages, helped me to let go of some things which I was clutching onto.

The daily and weekly accounts of Kristian helped me to understand what a person with cancer goes through.

Days Like These

It helped me to view the whole picture. Cancer is something that runs heavily through both sides of my family. I am never certain if it will stop on my doorstep one day or simply pass me by. I thank God for the life He has given to me, each moment is precious in itself. I highly recommend this book to all people. To those who are going through cancer, have went through cancer, know someone who has or went through cancer, or would simply like to be uplifted.

This book holds no bounds on what types of lives it could touch. Apr 02, Denise DiFalco rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Kristian surprizes his wife with a video he created for her birthday and he posts it on You Tube to share with the World his undying love for his partner. Once it went viral, he gains a multitude of fans and well wishers.

Only 34 years old, the young Australian is struck with bowel and liver cancer. Although receiving this terminal illness diagnosis, Kristian refuses to give up hope and he shares with us his most intimate moments. Booksneeze gave me the awesome opportunity to read this fascinating story in exchange for my thoughts. Having lost my best friend and most recently my beloved mother-in-law to cancer Kristian's story was quite therapeutic for me.