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Their artistic sensibility is instantly and movingly familiar to us.

I have learned enough about the Resistance to know better. Can you tell us a little about those honors? MW: I was elected a chevalier of foie gras by the regional confrerie, which brings together producers, vendors and gastronomes and we run the annual competition to find the best.

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And I was elected a Grand Consul de la Vinee de Bergerac founded by the other Consuls, people in the wine trade, so I began making my own wine, Cuvee Bruno, with friends in the region. MPM: Food and wine are an integral part of your novels, and indeed an integral part of French culture.

Bruno, Chief of Police Series

What led you to explore the cuisine so fully in your novels? What can we Americans learn from the French in our approach to food? MW: We all have to eat so we might as well take time to enjoy it and make a ceremony of necessity. It is also a sacrament of community; there are few greater pleasures than dining with old friends and pleasing them with your cooking, even more when the fruit and vegetables come from your own garden.

The key is to take your time: think about food, find the best sand freshest ingredients, plan your meal and the wines. And remember the old saying that a Frenchwoman takes greater care in choosing her cheesemonger than in choosing her lovers.

Martin Walker (reporter)

Who would you invite, and what would you prepare? Then cheese and salad and finish with a tarte au citron to echo the lemons with the fish. MW: Who knows? The town emerged from the lush green of the trees and meadows like a tumbled heap of treasure; the golden stone of the buildings, the ruby red tiles of the rooftops and the silver curve of the river running through it. The grime of three centuries only lately scrubbed away, its honey-colored stone glowed richly in the morning sun. On the far side of the square stood the venerable church, its thick walls and squat tower Full Review words.

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    Bruno, Chief of Police by by Martin Walker: Summary and reviews

    The Two Faces of France During WWII What happens when part of a country's population embraces the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity while the rest abandon those principles in favor of work, family, fatherland, and a heavy dose of anti-Semitism? Moreover, what if that ideological split divides not only the country's people, but its leadership as well?

    If that country is France during World War II, facing off against a German fighting machine that some perceived as undefeatable, the answer is simple: the country is rent in two. As soon as Germany stormed into Paris in June the French people were forced to choose one side or the other. This "beyond the book" feature is available to non-members for a limited time. Join today for full access. A Great Reckoning. Home Theaters Headphones.

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