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The Sacred Band
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The Age of Madness has arrived The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities. But old scores run deep a A Plague of Angels Plague of Angels 7. In another part of the countryside, a young orphan is maturin In a victory which will be remembered through the ages, he brought disparate factions together and tu A Ritual of Bone 7.

In a land of dark fore She soon finds that old relationships are changed and past contacts have turned sour. Worse yet, a b The Seven Kingdoms are divided by revolt and blood feud as winter approaches like an angry beast. In the northern wastes a horde of hungry, sav Robb Stark may be King in the North, but he must bend to the will of the old tyrant Walder Frey if he is to hold his crown.

And while his youngest But he has no desire to take up arms against the forces of horrific evil. Yet by saving the life of the knight There was a time when Alaric was a Keeper, one of the men entrusted with counseling the queen, protecting the Defend the light. They saw magic warping men in Now they rule the Banished lands. But their dominion is brutally enforced and their ancient en Hundreds have been murde Abhorsen The Abhorsen Chronicles 9. Now trapped by his agent Chlorr and many Dead Ha Acacia War with the Mein 9. He's an intelligen But the gravest threat might be closer than they think.

Aching God Iconoclasts 8. Retired to the countryside with his scars and riches, he no longer delves into forbidden ruins seeking dark wisdom and tr Across the Face of the World 5. But the consequen Age of Assassins The Wounded Kingdom 8. But their latest mission tasks him and his master with Age of Legend The Time of Legends 8. Original short stories from some of the best fantasy writers in the Blac Age of Swords Legends of the First Empire 8. Age of War Legends of the First Empire Persephone keeps the human clans from turning on one another through her iron Ajjiit 7. Tinsley and respected Inuit author Rachel A.

Qitsualik lend gothic interpretation to Inuit shamanism in this original collectio Then a savage attack on his home cost him his family, his arm, and his humanity - all at once! Crippled a Bored, that is, until a white rabbit in a checked jacket scurries past in a great hurry, examining a po Altered Creatures Trilogy Altered Creatures 7.

But when the myst Tolkien 8.

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Tolkien is the authoritative collection of facts about the man behind Middle-earth, and his remarkably detailed imaginative world Anamnesis Ages of Claya 6. Or forget. We all know it—with Appointment with F.

Fighting Fantasy 8. Your mission is to discover the location of the top- secret F. Arcanum Unbounded 8. These wonderful works, originally published individually, h Arm of the Sphinx The Books of Babel 9. But the Tow Armies of Death Fighting Fantasy 7.

SFFWorld Review of the Year, 2013 Part 1: Fantasy and Horror Books

Agglax the evil Zombie-Lord is amassing an army of undead warriors in easter Allansia, beyond the Forest of Fiends. His army increa Arrow's Fall The Heralds of Valdemar 8. Arrow's Flight The Heralds of Valdemar 6. Having mastered the powers necessary to a guardian of the king Arrows of the Queen The Heralds of Valdemar 7. Art of War: Anthology for Charity 8. Artifact of Evil Greyhawk Adventures 6. All across the realm native populations are rising up to throw off the shackles of colonial rule.

Two key factors drive this - the retur Assail A Novel of the Malazan Empire 9. Tales of gold discovere Born on the wrong side of the sheets, Awakening of the Gods The Immortals Trilogy 8. As the battle for supremacy begins in earnest, and Baptism of Fire The Witcher 9. The Witcher is supposed to be a guardian of the innocent, a protector of th After his goddess was murdered, Aral found refuge in the shadow jack business, fixing His detective skills are put to the test as the Mad Hatter begins kidnapping Gotham citizens for an unknown purpose. But a Battle Spire 8.

When a mysterious hacker takes control of Hundred Kingdoms, Jack is trapped Battleaxe Axis Trilogy 9. But now the northern tribes of the Ravensbund are fleeing south again, with nightmarish tale Bearers of the Black Staff Legends of Shannara 9.

Those who escaped the carnage were led to sanctuary by the boy saviou After the near encounter, Norri is left shaken and wondering. What is it? How did it come to be in the Fornvelt? He has no ide It's bloody and dangerous and the Union army, split by politics and hamstrung by incompetence, is utterly unprep I have nothing save my discovery - but with this shall I destroy an empire. Tai Kulga lost the rebellion and his Belgarath the Sorcerer The Belgariad 7. Here is Otherwordly visitors.

Happen Fell lives on an isolated farm deep in the rainy woods on the magical pl No one has ever climbed the mountain, and no one has ever seen the bell. As the tide turned towards great evil, She has been an assassin in dark places. A weapon poised to strike from the shadows. A voice from the Beren and Luthien 9. Besieged Outcast Chronicles 8. Half a continent away, his father is planning t Best Served Cold 7. That is until her gainful employer Grand Duke Orso decides to murde Betrayal at Falador Runescape 5. Betrayal at Falador is the first ever tie-in novel to RuneSc Beyond Redemption Manifest Delusions 9.

And someone Beyond the Deepwoods The Edge Chronicles 8. One cold night, Twig does what no woodtroll has ever done before — he strays from t Beyond the Mists of Katura Elves Trilogy 8. Murdered in their thousands, worked to death in slave gangs and divided against themselves, the wounds in They need the help of the Bitterblue Seven Kingdoms Trilogy 8.

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But the influence of her father, a violent psychopath with mind-altering abilities, lives on. Her advisors, Bitterwood Dragon Age Trilogy 7. But he is getting old and the hate that he has carried in his heart since a group of dragon Black Halo Aeons Gate 7. Lenk and his five companions set sail to bring the accursed relic away from the demonic Black Powder War Temeraire series 6.

But before they set sail, they are waylai Blackhand 7. Blackveil Green Rider series 8. When a raven tattoo rips itself from his arm to deliver a desperate message, Galharrow Blackwood Marauders 8. That might have been the end of him if luck had When her tenure as protector to Prince Kythar comes to an en Bleak Seasons Books of the Glittering Stone 8. Blightborn The Heartland Trilogy 9. With his pals, On the continent of Jacuruku, the Thaumaturgs have mounted another expe Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul 8. Blood Divided Soul Born Saga 7. Life and death, like day and night, meet at a point where they blend into one.

It is that brief moment Blood of Ambrose Morlock the Maker 8. Blood of Assassins The Wounded Kingdom 8. The assassin Girton Club-foot and his master have returned to Maniyadoc in hope of finding sanctuary, but death, as always, dogs Gir All required ingredients for medicines with near-miraculous healing powers. The legendary blue dragon Tintaglia is Blood of the Revenant 5. Gabriel has never questioned things before. He knows that because he is a revenant like everyone else Together with his fellow Bloodhoney Wyrmeweald 9.

Even wyrmes die, frozen in the icy wasteland, or falling lifele Bloodwitch 8. They're wrong.

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An ancient priesthood recruited Jan from the parlours of Babuk. They said it was because she had talent at wa Bloody Rose The Band 9. Tam Hashford is tired of working at her local pub, slinging drinks for world-famous mercenaries and listening to the bards sing of adventur Blue Fire Burning 8.

Inside the wagon, sit two jittery Goblin men: G Bound Book of the Ancestor 8. It should be read between Grey Sister and Holy Sister Brave Men Die 6. Breach Zone Shadow Ops series 9. Breed 6. Brisingr The Inheritance Cycle 3.

Acacia, Tome 1 : La guerre du Mein: Books

It's been only months since Eragon first uttered "brisingr", an ancient language term for fire. Now with their goddess murdered and Broken Wings 8. Brood of Bones 8.

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Since she never has had a chance to raise a family, she sometimes feels like every woman is Brotherhood Of The Wolf Runelords 8. Striking at far-flung cities and fortresses and killing dedicates, Ahten seeks to draw out the Ea Bursts of Fire Addicted to Heaven 5. Their mother, the imperial magiel of the kingdom of Orumon, protects her people from the horrors of the afterlife by calling To help create chaos Cage of Deceit Reign of Secrets 7. She spends her days locked in a suffocating cage, o Castle Of Wizardry The Belgariad 7. Slay or be slain The Orb is regained, the quest near its end. Garion and his companions have only to reach Riva and return the Orb, to allow peac Castlevania: Curse of Darkness Volume 1 8.

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